Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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GS036R1_B6-14   National Power GS036R1 Battery (Replacement)
GS100S1_B6-36F2   National Power GS100S1 Battery (Replacement)
GS120K8_B6-36F2   National Power GS120K8 Battery (Replacement)
GT025P5_B12-5   National Power GT025P5 Battery (Replacement)
GT026P4-F1_B12-7   National Power GT026P4-F1 Battery (Replacement)
GT050R4_B12-12   National Power GT050R4 Battery (Replacement)
GT090S3_B12-18   National Power GT090S3 Battery (Replacement)
GT155S5_B12-26   National Power GT155S5 Battery (Replacement)
GT160S5_B12-35   National Power GT160S5 Battery (Replacement)
GT200S5_B12-35   National Power GT200S5 Battery (Replacement)
GT360S8_B12-75   National Power GT360S8 Battery (Replacement)
LF010M1_G4-5   National Power LF010M1 Battery (Replacement)
LF016M2_G4-8   National Power LF016M2 Battery (Replacement)
LS016M4_G6-5   National Power LS016M4 Battery (Replacement)
LS024M5_G6-8   National Power LS024M5 Battery (Replacement)
NNYXSB_naa3f   Navilite NNYXSB Battery (Replacement)
NNYXSB_CUSTOM-93_X1   NaviLite NNYXSB Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
ADNB-F2_ADNB-F2   NB to F2 Terminal Adapter
NCR4070-0700-7194S_UPS12-12_x1   NCR 4070-0700-7194S (700VA) UPS Battery (Replacement)
NCR4070-1500-7194_UPS12-18_x2   NCR 4070-1500-7194 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
NCR4071-0600-7194_UPS12-7_x2   NCR 4071-0600-7194 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
NCR4960499-500W_B12-35_x1   NCR 4960499 (500W) UPS Battery (Replacement)
240M_B6-1.2_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett 240 Monitor Medical Battery
N-1000MultiFM_B6-2.8_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-1000 Multi Function Monitor Medical Battery
N-180/N-185POx_B12-2.3PC_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-180, N-185 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
N-200POxBB_B6-2.8_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-200 Pulse Oximeter Block Medical Battery
N-3000M_B12-2T_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-3000 Monitor Medical Battery
N-395PluseOx_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-395 Pluse Oximeter Medical Battery
N-550OximaxPOx_B12-1.2_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-550 Oximax Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
N-595POx_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-595 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
N-6000M_B12-3_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-6000 Monitor Medical Battery
N-600xOPO_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett N-600x Oximax Pulse Oximter Medical Battery
NPB190/195/395/595_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB 190, 195, 395, 595 Medical Battery
NPB290/295POx_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB 290, 295 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
NPB3900_B6-4.5_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB 3900, 3910, 3930 Monitor Medical Battery
NPB3930S_B6-3_x1   Nellcor Puritan Bennett NPB 3930S Medical Battery
IPSAI600_B6-12_x1   Network Security Systems IPSAI600 Alarm Battery
FNC-1212_B12-1.2   Newmox FNC-1212 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12120_B12-12   Newmox FNC-12120 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12190_B12-18   Newmox FNC-12190 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12190-F2_B12-18F2   Newmox FNC-12190-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1220_B12-2.3   Newmox FNC-1220 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12260_B12-26   Newmox FNC-12260 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12260-F2_B12-26F2   Newmox FNC-12260-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1230_B12-3   Newmox FNC-1230 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12340_B12-35   Newmox FNC-12340 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1240_B12-5   Newmox FNC-1240 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1240-F2_UPS12-5.5   Newmox FNC-1240-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-12420_B12-40   Newmox FNC-12420 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1245_B12-5   Newmox FNC-1245 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1245-F2_UPS12-5.5   Newmox FNC-1245-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1270_B12-7   Newmox FNC-1270 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1270-F2_UPS12-7   Newmox FNC-1270-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1272_B12-7   Newmox FNC-1272 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-1272-F2_UPS12-7   Newmox FNC-1272-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-6100_B6-12   Newmox FNC-6100 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-6100-F2_UPS6-12   Newmox FNC-6100-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-612_B6-1.2   Newmox FNC-612 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-6120_B6-12   Newmox FNC-6120 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-6120-F2_UPS6-12   Newmox FNC-6120-F2 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-640_B6-4.5   Newmox FNC-640 Battery (Replacement)
FNC-670_B6-7   Newmox FNC-670 Battery (Replacement)
E150BV_B12-3_x1   Newport Medical Instruments E150 Breeze Ventilator Medical Battery
HT50V_B12-5_x1   Newport Medical Instruments HT50 Ventilator Medical Battery
5101CardiofaxECG_B12-2.3_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 5101, 5105, 5151 Cardiofax ECG Medical Battery
6102A/6105AL6_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 6102A, 6105A Lifescope 6 Medical Battery
6201ACOut_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 6201A Cardiac Output Medical Battery
6543CECGR_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 6543, 6543A, 6543L Cardiofax ECG Recorder Medical Battery
6551/6551ACECG_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 6551, 6551A Cardiofax ECG Medical Battery
7100ACTD_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 7100A, 7200A, 7300A Cardiolife Tec Defibrillator Medical Battery
8110AECGM_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 8110A ECG Machine Medical Battery
8830AECG_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 8830A ECG Medical Battery
9130KECG_B12-2.3PC_x1   NIHON KOHDEN 9130K ECG Medical Battery
NO-14.5HP-40_B12-35_x1   Noma 14.5HP 40" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-14.5HP-43_B12-35_x1   Noma 14.5HP 43" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-14450_B12-35_x1   Noma 14450 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-14543_B12-35_x1   Noma 14543 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-15HP-43_B12-35_x1   Noma 15HP 43" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-1643P_B12-35_x1   Noma 1643P Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-16HP-43_B12-35_x1   Noma 16HP 43" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-1846P_B12-35_x1   Noma 1846P Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-18HP-43_B12-35_x1   Noma 18HP 43" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-19HP-46_B12-35_x1   Noma 19HP 46" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-2046P_B12-35_x1   Noma 2046P Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-GT18HP-43_B12-35_x1   Noma GT18HP 43" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
NO-GT18HP-46_B12-35_x1   Noma GT18HP 46" Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
8604PPrinter_B6-1.2_x1   Nonin Medical 8604P Printer Medical Battery
NSB100_BF12-100A   NorthStar NSB 100 Telecom Battery (Replacement)
NSB110FT_BF12-100A   NorthStar NSB 110FT Telecom Battery (Replacement)
NSB12-180_BX12-200   NorthStar NSB 12-180 UPS Battery (Replacement)
NSB12-300_BX12-300   NorthStar NSB 12-300 UPS Battery (Replacement)
NSB12-400_BX12-400   NorthStar NSB 12-400 UPS Battery (Replacement)
NSB12-540_BX12-540   NorthStar NSB 12-540 UPS Battery (Replacement)
155FT_BF12-150A   NorthStar NSB 155FT Telecom Battery (Replacement)
NSB90FT_BF12-100A   NorthStar NSB 90FT Telecom Battery (Replacement)
850Commando_M12-12-210L-D   Norton 850CC 850 Commando, Commando (75) Battery Replacement
nfr-1010_b12-75it_x1   Notifier 1010 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-2020_b12-75it_x1   Notifier 2020 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-4885_UPS12-5.5_x1   Notifier 4885 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-Notifier5000_b12-28hit_x1   Notifier Notifier 5000 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-NR4524_b12-75it_x1   Notifier NR4524 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-PE412_UPS12-5.5_x1   Notifier PE412 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-PE612_UPS12-7_x1   Notifier PE612 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-PE6512_UPS12-7_x1   Notifier PE6512 Battery (Replacement)
nfr-PE712_UPS12-7_x1   Notifier PE712 Battery (Replacement)
1200/1260COM2_B12-5_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 1200, 1260 CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
1265M_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 1265 Monitor Medical Battery
2001POx_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 2001 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
520APOx_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 505, 515, 515A, 520A Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
7000COM2_B12-5_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 7000 CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
7100COM2_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 7100 CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
7300COM2_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 7300 CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
807/811TOxM_B6-1.2_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 807, 811 Trans Oxygen Monitor Medical Battery
809/809A/810/810AM_B12-5_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 809, 809A, 810, 810A Monitor Medical Battery
840TO/COM2_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 840 Transcut O /CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
903ECGandAM_B12-5_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems 903 ECG and Apnea Monitor Medical Battery
CosmosETCOM2_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems Cosmos ET CO Monitor 2 Medical Battery
OxyPlus_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems Oxy Plus Medical Battery
PTOPTCOM22_B12-2.3_x1   Novametrix Medical Systems PTO PTCO Monitor 2 2 Medical Battery
NPD12-250_B12-250   NPP NPD12-250 IT Battery (Replacement)
KM60/KM70/KM80P_B12-1.2_x1   O'Brien/KMI KM60, KM70, KM80 Pump Medical Battery
PUnitModel85_B12-7_x2   OEC-Diasonics Power Unit Model 85 Medical Battery Set
offgridsolar_b12-100   Off Grid Solar Panels Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 100AmpH (Replacement)
741314PowerLer_B12-7_x1   Omnimed 741314 Power Lifter Medical Battery
741315PowerLer2_B12-7_x1   Omnimed 741315 Power Lifter 2 Medical Battery
UPS-OMNI650LCD   OmniSmart LCD 120V 650VA 350W Line-Interactive UPS, Tower, LCD display, USB port - OMNI650LCD
ONEAC-1300_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC 1300 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-436-008_UPS12-7_x4   ONEAC 436-008 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-436-014_UPS12-7_x4   ONEAC 436-014 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
DeskPower300_UPS12-5.5_x1   ONEAC Desk Power 300 UPS Battery (Replacement)
DeskPower500_UPS12-5.5_x1   ONEAC Desk Power 500 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-DeskPower650_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC Desk Power 650 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ON1000XAU-CN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1000XAU-CN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON1000XAU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1000XAU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON1000XIU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1000XIU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON1300_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON1300 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON1300A-SN_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON1300A-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON1300AU-SN_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON1300AU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON1300I-SN_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON1300I-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON1300J-SN_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON1300J-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON1500XAU-CN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1500XAU-CN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON1500XAU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1500XAU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON1500XIU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON1500XIU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2000_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2000 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2000A-SN_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2000A-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2000AU-SN_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2000AU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2000I-SN_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2000I-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2000J-SN_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2000J-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON2000XAU-CN_UPS12-5.5_x8   ONEAC ON2000XAU-CN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON2000XAU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x8   ONEAC ON2000XAU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON2000XAU-TN_UPS12-5.5_x8   ONEAC ON2000XAU-TN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ON2000XIU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x8   ONEAC ON2000XIU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON2200XA-SNK_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON2200XA-SNK UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON300M601_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ON300M601 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON300M601D_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON300M601D UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON400A-SN_UPS12-5.5_x2   ONEAC ON400A-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON400I-SN_UPS12-5.5_x2   ONEAC ON400I-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON400J-SN_UPS12-5.5_x2   ONEAC ON400J-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON400X-WL_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON400X-WL UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON400XR_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON400XR UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600A-SN_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600A-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600AU-SN_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600AU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600I-SN_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600I-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600J-SN_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600J-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600M601_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ON600M601 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600X_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON600X UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON600X-WL_UPS12-18_x2   ONEAC ON600X-WL UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON700XAU-CN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON700XAU-CN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON700XAU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON700XAU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON700XIU-SN_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ON700XIU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900_UPS12-7_x4   ONEAC ON900 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900A-SN_UPS6-12_x4   ONEAC ON900A-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900AU-SN_UPS6-12_x4   ONEAC ON900AU-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900I-SN_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ON900I-SN UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900J-SN_UPS6-12_x4   ONEAC ON900J-SN UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ON900X_UPS12-18_x4   ONEAC ON900X UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONBP-405_UPS12-5.5_x4   ONEAC ONBP-405 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200A-SB_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE200A-SB UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200D_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE200D UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200DA-SB_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE200DA-SB UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200X-W/M_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE200X-W/M UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200XA-W-SB_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE200XA-W-SB UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200XA-W-SV_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE200XA-W-SV UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE200XA-WX_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE200XA-WX UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE254AG-SE_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE254AG-SE UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE254IG-SE_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE254IG-SE UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300A-SB_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE300A-SB UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300A-SBD_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300A-SBD UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300D_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE300D UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300DA-SB_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE300DA-SB UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300DA-SBD_UPS12-7_x1   ONEAC ONE300DA-SBD UPS Battery (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300DD_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300DD UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300X-W/M_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300X-W/M UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300XA-W-SB_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300XA-W-SB UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300XA-W-SV_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300XA-W-SV UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE300XA-WLX_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE300XA-WLX UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE400D_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE400D UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE400DA-SB_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE400DA-SB UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ONEAC-ONE600X_UPS12-7_x2   ONEAC ONE600X UPS Battery Set (Replacement)

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