Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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128704_B6-12_X1   Optronics A50121 Battery (Replacement)
131403_B12-7_X1   Optronics A5712 Battery (Replacement)
128964_B6-5LF1_X1   Optronics GR-100B 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
128965_B6-5LF1_X1   Optronics GR-100W 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
128966_B6-5LF1   Optronics GR-100Y 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
128967_B6-5LF1_X1   Optronics QR-1000 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
128968_B6-5LF1_X1   Optronics QR-1001 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
128969_B6-5LF1_X1   Optronics QR-105RA 6V 5AH SPOTLIGHT BATTERY Battery (Replacement)
FS1212_b12-1.2   Oracle FS1212 Battery (Replacement)
FS12120_b12-12   Oracle FS12120_b12-12 Battery (Replacement)
FS12180_b12-18   Oracle FS12180 - NB Battery (Replacement)
FS12400_b12-40   Oracle FS12400 Battery (Replacement)
FS1250_b12-5   Oracle FS1250 Battery (Replacement)
FS1255_b12-5   Oracle FS1255 Battery (Replacement)
FS1255_ups12-5.5   Oracle FS1255 Battery (Replacement)
FS1270_b12-7   Oracle FS1270 Battery (Replacement)
FS1270_ups12-7   Oracle FS1270 Battery (Replacement)
FS1278_ups12-9   Oracle FS1278 Battery (Replacement)
FS6100_b6-12   Oracle FS6100 Battery (Replacement)
FS6100_ups6-12   Oracle FS6100 Battery (Replacement)
FS645_b6-4.5   Oracle FS645 Battery (Replacement)
FS685_b6-8.5   Oracle FS685 Battery (Replacement)
HD1208_b12-0.8   Oracle HD1208 Battery (Replacement)
HD12100_b12-10   Oracle HD12100 Battery (Replacement)
HD121000_b12-100   Oracle HD121000 Battery (Replacement)
HD12120_b12-12   Oracle HD12120 Battery (Replacement)
HD1213_b12-1.2   Oracle HD1213 Battery (Replacement)
HD12180_b12-18   Oracle HD12180 Battery (Replacement)
HD12220_b12-22   Oracle HD12220 Battery (Replacement)
HD1223_b12-2.3   Oracle HD1223 Battery (Replacement)
HD1224_b12-2.3   Oracle HD1224 Battery (Replacement)
HD12260_b12-26   Oracle HD12260 Battery (Replacement)
HD1229_b12-2.7   Oracle HD1229 Battery (Replacement)
HD1235_b12-3   Oracle HD1235 Battery (Replacement)
HD1235_ups12-3.5   Oracle HD1235 Battery (Replacement)
HD12350_b12-35_x1   Oracle HD12350 Battery (Replacement)
HD1258_b12-5   Oracle HD1258 Battery (Replacement)
HD1258_ups12-5.5   Oracle HD1258 Battery (Replacement)
HD12600_b12-55   Oracle HD12600 Battery (Replacement)
HD1275_b12-7   Oracle HD1275 Battery (Replacement)
HD1275_ups12-7   Oracle HD1275 Battery (Replacement)
HD12800_b12-75   Oracle HD12800 Battery (Replacement)
HD1284_ups12-9   Oracle HD1284 Battery (Replacement)
HD1290_ups12-9   Oracle HD1290 Battery (Replacement)
HD610_b6-1   Oracle HD610 Battery (Replacement)
HD6120_b6-12   Oracle HD6120 Battery (Replacement)
HD6120_ups6-12   Oracle HD6120 Battery (Replacement)
HD6120LL_b6-12   Oracle HD6120LL Battery (Replacement)
HD6120LL_ups6-12   Oracle HD6120LL Battery (Replacement)
HD613_b6-1.2   Oracle HD613 Battery (Replacement)
HD6130_b6-14   Oracle HD6130 Battery (Replacement)
HD6200_b6-20   Oracle HD6200 Battery (Replacement)
HD623_b6-2.3   Oracle HD623 Battery (Replacement)
HD623L_b6-2.3   Oracle HD623L Battery (Replacement)
HD630_b6-3   Oracle HD630 Battery (Replacement)
HD645_b6-4.5   Oracle HD645 Battery (Replacement)
HD655_b6-5st   Oracle HD655 - Spring Terminals Battery (Replacement)
HD672LL_b6-7   Oracle HD672LL Battery (Replacement)
HD679_ups6-9   Oracle HD679 Battery (Replacement)
HD690_b6-8.5   Oracle HD690 Battery (Replacement)
HD832_b8-3.2   Oracle HD832 Battery (Replacement)
BACTALERTI_B6-12_x2   Organon Teknika BACT ALERT Incubator Medical Battery Set
OR-12120F2_B12-12   Origin Battery OR-12120F2 Battery (Replacement)
OR-12180B_B12-18   Origin Battery OR-12180B NB Battery (Replacement)
OR-12220HR_B12-22   Origin Battery OR-12220HR NB Battery (Replacement)
OR-12350B_B12-35   Origin Battery OR-12350B NB Battery (Replacement)
OR-12550Z_B12-55   Origin Battery OR-12550Z Battery (Replacement)
OR-1270HR_UPS12-7   Origin Battery OR-1270HR F2 Battery (Replacement)
OR-1290HR_UPS12-9   Origin Battery OR-1290HR F2 Battery (Replacement)
ORI-12550Z_B12-55_x2   Origin Battery Set of 2 OR-12550Z Batteries (Replacement)
ElectrolyteA_B6-4.5_x2   Orion Research Electrolyte Analyzer Medical Battery Set
SPA1020_B6-4.5_x2   Orion Research Sodium Potassium Analyzer 1020 Medical Battery Set
147-637_B12-75_x2   Ortho-Kinetics 460 Sierra XL Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-340_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Bravo Plus Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-623_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Bravo Pony Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-624_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Bravo Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-625_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Colt Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-626_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Encore Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-627_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Explorer Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-628_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Lark 3&4 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-629_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Lark 4300 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-630_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Lark Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-341_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Lark XT Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-631_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics MVP Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-632_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics MVP4233 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-638_B12-75_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Outsider 4500 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-633_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Pony Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-634_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Sierra Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-635_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Triumph Tri Wheeler Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
147-636_B12-35_x2   Ortho-Kinetics Triumph Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
1000FS_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 1000FS Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
655_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 655 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-770_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 656 Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-771_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 720 Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
755FS_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 755FS Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-767_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 755FS Wheelchair U1 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-772_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 760 Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-773_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 760N Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-774_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 760V Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-775_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles 770 Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
Commuter_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles Commuter Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-768_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles Commuter Wheelchair U1 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-766_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles Fortress Wheelchairs 1000FS U1 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-776_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles Spirit Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-777_B12-75_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles Victory Wheelchair GP24 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
185-769_B12-55_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles VIP Wheelchair 22NF Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
VIP_B12-35_x2   Orthofab/Lifestyles VIP Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
5803ACMB_B12-12_x2   Orthopedic Systems 5803 Advanced Control Modular Base Medical Battery Set
5892SurgicalT-Top_B12-5_x2   Orthopedic Systems 5892 Surgical Table-Top Medical Battery Set
6850PrOSurT_B12-12_x2   Orthopedic Systems 6850 Profx Orthopedic Surgical Table Medical Battery Set
Allegro6800MT_B12-12_x2   Orthopedic Systems Allegro 6800 Mobile Imaging Table Medical Battery Set
OSA145_CUSTOM-145-18   OSI Batteries OSA145 Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
OT1.0-6_b6-1   OUTDO OT1.0-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT1.3-12_b12-1.2   OUTDO OT1.3-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT1.3-6_b6-1.2   OUTDO OT1.3-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT10-12_B12-10   OUTDO OT10-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT10-12C_B12-12   OUTDO OT10-12C Battery (Replacement)
OT10-6_B6-12   OUTDO OT10-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT100-12_b12-100it   OUTDO OT100-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT100-12(HR)_b12-100it   OUTDO OT100-12(HR) Battery (Replacement)
OT12-12_B12-12   OUTDO OT12-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT12-12(HR)_UPS12-12   OUTDO OT12-12(HR) Battery (Replacement)
OT12-6_B6-12   OUTDO OT12-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT17-12_B12-18   OUTDO OT17-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT2.2-12_b12-2.3   OUTDO OT2.2-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT2.8-6_b6-2.8   OUTDO OT2.8-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT20-12_B12-22   OUTDO OT20-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT26-12(A)_B12-28H   OUTDO OT26-12(A) Battery (Replacement)
OT26-12(B)_B12-28H   OUTDO OT26-12(B) Battery (Replacement)
OT26-12(W)_B12-26   OUTDO OT26-12(W) Battery (Replacement)
OT28-12(HR)_B12-26   OUTDO OT28-12(HR) Battery (Replacement)
OT28-12(W)_B12-26   OUTDO OT28-12(W) Battery (Replacement)
OT3.2-6_b6-3   OUTDO OT3.2-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT3.3-12_b12-3   OUTDO OT3.3-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT33-12(A)_B12-35   OUTDO OT33-12(A) Battery (Replacement)
OT33-12(B)_B12-35   OUTDO OT33-12(B) Battery (Replacement)
OT38-12_B12-40   OUTDO OT38-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT4-12_B12-5   OUTDO OT4-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT4-6_b6-4.5   OUTDO OT4-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT4-6A_b6-4.5   OUTDO OT4-6A Battery (Replacement)
OT4.5-12_B12-5   OUTDO OT4.5-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT4.5-6_b6-4.5   OUTDO OT4.5-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT4.5-6A_b6-4.5   OUTDO OT4.5-6A Battery (Replacement)
OT40-12_B12-40   OUTDO OT40-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT5-12_B12-5   OUTDO OT5-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT5-6C_b6-4.5   OUTDO OT5-6C Battery (Replacement)
OT5-6S_b6-5st   OUTDO OT5-6S Battery (Replacement)
OT55-12_B12-55   OUTDO OT55-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT7-12_B12-7   OUTDO OT7-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT7-6_b6-7   OUTDO OT7-6 Battery (Replacement)
OT7.2-12_B12-7   OUTDO OT7.2-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT7.5-12_ups12-7   OUTDO OT7.5-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT9-12_UPS12-9   OUTDO OT9-12 Battery (Replacement)
OT9-12(HR)_UPS12-9   OUTDO OT9-12(HR) Battery (Replacement)
AllOzbikeModels_M12-4-70-D   Ozbike All Ozbike Models Battery Replacement
PS-Eclipse_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Eclipse Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-Espree_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Espree Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-JuniorPremier_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Junior Premier Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
137-267_B12-35_x2   Pace Saver Leisure Lift U1 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
PS-Passport_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Passport Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
137-266_B12-26   Pace Saver Pediatric Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-PlusIII_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Plus III Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-M1-M1PBR-M2_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Scout M Series (M1 - M1 PBR - M2) Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-RF-NP_B12-35_x1   Pace Saver Scout Midi-Drive (RF - NP) Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PS-RF4_B12-55_x1   Pace Saver Scout Midi-Drive (RF4) Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
911STM_B6-7_x1   Pace Tech MiniPack 911, 911ST Monitor Medical Battery
Oximax100/700POx_B6-12_x1   Pace Tech Oximax 100, 700 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
Vitalmax2200ECGM_B6-3_x1   Pace Tech Vitalmax 2200 ECG Monitor Medical Battery
VitalMax4000M_B12-7_x1   Pace Tech VitalMax 4000 Monitor Medical Battery
Vitalmax3000POx_B6-12_x1   Pace Tech Vitalmax 500, 800, 2000, 2100, 3000 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
Vitalmax530POx_B6-3_x1   Pace Tech Vitalmax 530 Pulse Oximeter Medical Battery
VitalmaxSystsII/IV_B6-12_x1   Pace Tech Vitalmax Systems II, IV Medical Battery
Vitalsign600_B6-12_x1   Pace Tech Vitalsign 600, 603, 604 Medical Battery
PacificVANG_UPS6-12_x2   Pacific Power VANGUARD UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
150-654_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries 4 Wheeler 409 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-653_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries 4 Wheeler 410 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-655_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries Blazer Plus Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-661_B12-55_x2   Palmer Industries Deluxe Power Chair 22NF AGM Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-660_B12-40_x2   Palmer Industries Deluxe Snappy Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-656_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries Express LX Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-657_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries Express Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-662_B12-75_x2   Palmer Industries Heavy Duty Power Chair GP24 AGM Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-659_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries Power Chair U1 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
150-658_B12-35_x2   Palmer Industries Special Edition Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
LC-LA1233P_B12-35   Panasonic LC-LA1233P Battery (Replacement)
LC-P0612P(a)_B6-12   Panasonic LC-P0612P(a) Battery (Replacement)
LC-P067R2P(a)_B6-7   Panasonic LC-P067R2P(a) Battery (Replacement)
LC-P127R2P(a)_B12-7   Panasonic LC-P127R2P(a) Battery (Replacement)
LC-PD1217P_B12-18   Panasonic LC-PD1217P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R0612P(a)_B6-12   Panasonic LC-R0612P(a) Battery (Replacement)
LC-R061R3P_B6-1.2   Panasonic LC-R061R3P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R061R3PU_B6-1.2   Panasonic LC-R061R3PU Battery (Replacement)
LC-R063R2PU_B6-3   Panasonic LC-R063R2PU Battery (Replacement)
LC-R063R4P_B6-3   Panasonic LC-R063R4P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R063R4PU_B6-3   Panasonic LC-R063R4PU Battery (Replacement)
LC-R064R2P_B6-4.5   Panasonic LC-R064R2P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R064R5P_B6-4.5   Panasonic LC-R064R5P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R065P_B6-4.5   Panasonic LC-R065P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R067R2P_B6-7   Panasonic LC-R067R2P Battery (Replacement)
LC-R1212P_B12-12   Panasonic LC-R1212P Battery (Replacement)

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