Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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SP12-55IT_B12-55IT   SigmasTek SP12-55 IT Battery
SP12-55_B12-55   SigmasTek SP12-55 NB Battery
SP12-55RNB_B12-55R   SigmasTek SP12-55R NB Battery
SP12-7_B12-7   SigmasTek SP12-7 Battery
SP12-7.5_B12-7   SigmasTek SP12-7.5 Battery
SP12-7.5HR_UPS12-7   SigmasTek SP12-7.5HR Battery
SP12-75IT_B12-75IT_x2   SigmasTek SP12-75 IT Batteries (Replacement)
SP12-75IT_B12-75IT   SigmasTek SP12-75 IT Battery
SP12-75_B12-75_x2   SigmasTek SP12-75 NB Batteries (Replacement)
SP12-75NB_B12-75   SigmasTek SP12-75 NB Battery
SP12-9_UPS12-9   SigmasTek SP12-9 Battery
SP12-9HR_UPS12-9   SigmasTek SP12-9HR Battery
SP4-10_B4-10   SigmasTek SP4-10 Battery
SP4-4.5_B4-4.5   SigmasTek SP4-4.5 Battery
SP4-9_B4-9   SigmasTek SP4-9 Battery
SP6-1_B6-1   SigmasTek SP6-1 Battery
SP6-1.2_B6-1.2   SigmasTek SP6-1.2 Battery
SP6-12_B6-12   SigmasTek SP6-12 Battery
SP6-12HR_UPS6-12   SigmasTek SP6-12HR Battery
SP6-14_B6-14   SigmasTek SP6-14 Battery
SP6-2.3_B6-2.3   SigmasTek SP6-2.3 Battery
SP6-2.8_B6-2.8   SigmasTek SP6-2.8 Battery
SP6-20_B6-20   SigmasTek SP6-20 Battery
SP6-200_B-G1   SigmasTek SP6-200 Battery
SP6-3_B6-3   SigmasTek SP6-3 Battery
SP6-36_B6-36F2   SigmasTek SP6-36 T2 Battery
SP6-4.5_B6-4.5   SigmasTek SP6-4.5 Battery
SP6-6.5_B6-6.5   SigmasTek SP6-6.5 Battery
SP6-60_B6-60   SigmasTek SP6-60 Battery
SP6-7_B6-7   SigmasTek SP6-7 Battery
SP6-8.5_B6-8.5   SigmasTek SP6-8.5 Battery
SP6-9HR_UPS6-9   SigmasTek SP6-9HR Battery
SP8-3.2_B8-3.2   SigmasTek SP8-3.2 Battery
SPC12-0.5_CH12-0.5-AC   SigmasTek SPC12-0.5 Battery Charger
SPC12-1_CH12-1-AC   SigmasTek SPC12-1 Battery Charger
SPC12-2_CH12-2-AC   SigmasTek SPC12-2 Battery Charger
SPC12-6_CH12-6-AC   SigmasTek SPC12-6 Battery Charger
SPC24-10_CH24-10-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-10 Battery Charger
SPC24-2_CH24-2-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-2 Battery Charger
SPC24-3_CH24-3-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-3 Battery Charger
SPC24-5_CH24-5-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-5 Battery Charger
SPC24-6_CH24-6-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-6 Battery Charger
SPC24-7_CH24-7-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-7 Battery Charger (Replacement)
SPC24-8_CH24-8-XLR   SigmasTek SPC24-8 Battery Charger
SPC6-0.5_CH6-0.5-AC   SigmasTek SPC6-0.5 Battery Charger
SPF12-100A_BF12-100A   SigmasTek SPF12-100A Telecom Battery
SPF12-100B_BF12-100B   SigmasTek SPF12-100B Telecom Battery
SPF12-125_BF12-125   SigmasTek SPF12-125 Telecom Battery
SPF12-150A_BF12-150A   SigmasTek SPF12-150A Telecom Battery
SPF12-150B_BF12-150B   SigmasTek SPF12-150B Telecom Battery
SPF12-180_BF12-180   SigmasTek SPF12-180 Telecom Battery
SPF12-40_BF12-40   SigmasTek SPF12-40 Telecom Battery
SPF12-55_BF12-55   SigmasTek SPF12-55 Telecom Battery
SPF12-70_BF12-70   SigmasTek SPF12-70 Telecom Battery
SPF12-75_BF12-75   SigmasTek SPF12-75 Telecom Battery
SPF12-90_BF12-90   SigmasTek SPF12-90 Telecom Battery
SPF12-90H_BF12-90H   SigmasTek SPF12-90H Telecom Battery
spg12-32_gel12-32_x2   SigmasTek SPG12-32 GEL Batteries Set of 2
SPG12-32_GEL12-32   SigmasTek SPG12-32 GEL Battery
SPG12-55_GEL12-55   SigmasTek SPG12-55 GEL Battery
sigmasSPG12-55IT_gel12-55it   SigmasTek SPG12-55 IT GEL Battery (Replacement)
SPG12-60_GEL12-60IT   SigmasTek SPG12-60 GEL Battery
SPG12-75_GEL12-75   SigmasTek SPG12-75 GEL Battery
SPG12-75IT_GEL12-75IT   SigmasTek SPG12-75 IT GEL Battery
SPG12-90IT_GEL12-90IT   SigmasTek SPG12-90 IT GEL Battery
SPM4-5_G4-5   SigmasTek SPM4-5 Battery
SPM4-8_G4-8   SigmasTek SPM4-8 Battery
SPM6-5_G6-5   SigmasTek SPM6-5 Battery
SPM6-8_G6-8   SigmasTek SPM6-8 Battery
SPX12-100FR_BX12-100   SigmasTek SPX12-100FR UPS Battery
SPX12-150FR_BX12-150   SigmasTek SPX12-150FR UPS Battery
SPX12-200FR_BX12-200   SigmasTek SPX12-200FR UPS Battery
SPX12-300FR_BX12-300   SigmasTek SPX12-300FR UPS Battery
SPX12-350FR_BX12-350   SigmasTek SPX12-350FR UPS Battery
SPX12-400FR_BX12-400   SigmasTek SPX12-400FR UPS Battery
SPX12-500FR_BX12-500   SigmasTek SPX12-500FR UPS Battery
SPX12-540FR_BX12-540   SigmasTek SPX12-540FR UPS Battery
ST12A-BS_M12-10-175-K   SigmasTek ST12A-BS Battery
ST12B-4_M12-10-125-K   SigmasTek ST12B-4 Battery
ST14B-4_M12-12-135-K   SigmasTek ST14B-4 Battery
ST5L-BS_M12-4-70-D   SigmasTek ST5L-BS Battery
ST7B-BS_M12-6-85-K   SigmasTek ST7B-BS Battery
ST9B-4_M12-8-115-K   SigmasTek ST9B-4 Battery
ST9B-BS_M12-8-115-K   SigmasTek ST9B-BS Battery (Replacement)
STX12-BS_M12-10-180-D   SigmasTek STX12-BS Battery
STX14-BS_M12-12-200-D   SigmasTek STX14-BS Battery
STX14AH-BS_M12-12-210-D   SigmasTek STX14AH-BS Battery
STX14AHL-BS_M12-12-210L-D   SigmasTek STX14AHL-BS Battery
STX14L-BS_M12-12-200-HD   SigmasTek STX14L-BS Battery
STX15L-BS_M12-13-230-D   SigmasTek STX15L-BS Battery
STX16-BS_M12-14-230-D   SigmasTek STX16-BS Battery
STX16-BS-1_M12-14-230-A   SigmasTek STX16-BS-1 Battery
STX20-BS_M12-19-270-HD   SigmasTek STX20-BS Battery
STX20CH-BS_M12-18-270-HD   SigmasTek STX20CH-BS Battery
STX20H-BS_M12-18-310-D   SigmasTek STX20H-BS Battery
STX20HL-BS_M12-18-310L-D   SigmasTek STX20HL-BS Battery
STX20L-BS_M12-19-270L-HD   SigmasTek STX20L-BS Battery (Replacement)
STX24HL-BS_M12-21-350-D   SigmasTek STX24HL-BS Battery
STX30L-BS_M12-30-385-HD   SigmasTek STX30L-BS Battery
STX4L-BS_M12-3-50-D   SigmasTek STX4L-BS Battery
STX7A-BS_M12-6-90-D   SigmasTek STX7A-BS Battery
STX7L-BS_M12-6-85-D   SigmasTek STX7L-BS Battery
STX9-BS_M12-8-120-D   SigmasTek STX9-BS Battery
STZ10S_M12-8.6-190-K   SigmasTek STZ10S Battery
STZ12S_M12-11-210-K   SigmasTek STZ12S Battery
STZ14S_M12-11.2-230-K   SigmasTek STZ14S Battery
STZ7S_M12-6-130-D   SigmasTek STZ7S Battery
skt-5107_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight 5107 Battery (Replacement)
skt-5204_UPS12-12_x1   Silent Knight 5204 Battery (Replacement)
skt-5207_B6-4.5_x1   Silent Knight 5207 Battery (Replacement)
skt-6712_UPS12-7_x1   Silent Knight 6712 Battery (Replacement)
skt-680_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight 680 Battery (Replacement)
skt-712_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight 712 Battery (Replacement)
skt-ENERJET_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight ENERJET Battery (Replacement)
skt-N5HR_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight N5HR Battery (Replacement)
skt-N7HR_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight N7HR Battery (Replacement)
skt-PS12120_UPS12-12_x1   Silent Knight PS12120 Battery (Replacement)
skt-S121_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight S121 Battery (Replacement)
skt-S122_UPS12-5.5_x1   Silent Knight S122 Battery (Replacement)
str-1001163_b4-4.5_x1   Siltron 1001163 Battery (Replacement)
str-12B60_b12-75it_x1   Siltron 12B60 Battery (Replacement)
str-12B80_b12-100it_x1   Siltron 12B80 Battery (Replacement)
str-12B90_b12-100it_x1   Siltron 12B90 Battery (Replacement)
str-ELP1000_b6-12_x1   Siltron ELP1000 Battery (Replacement)
str-ELP1010_b6-12_x1   Siltron ELP1010 Battery (Replacement)
str-ELP1011_b6-12_x1   Siltron ELP1011 Battery (Replacement)
str-ELP1020_b6-12_x1   Siltron ELP1020 Battery (Replacement)
str-ELP1021_b6-12_x1   Siltron ELP1021 Battery (Replacement)
str-EM40L_B6-4.5_x1   Siltron EM40L Battery (Replacement)
str-EM56_UPS12-7_x1   Siltron EM56 Battery (Replacement)
str-EM56CH_UPS12-7_x1   Siltron EM56CH Battery (Replacement)
str-EM62_b6-12_x1   Siltron EM62 Battery (Replacement)
str-EM63_b6-12_x1   Siltron EM63 Battery (Replacement)
str-EM64_b6-12_x1   Siltron EM64 Battery (Replacement)
str-L90H_b12-100it_x1   Siltron L90H Battery (Replacement)
str-L90R_b12-100it_x1   Siltron L90R Battery (Replacement)
str-MAGNA140_b6-12_x1   Siltron MAGNA 140 Battery (Replacement)
str-MS12LAC360WET_b12-100it_x1   Siltron MS12LAC360 WET Battery (Replacement)
str-PE680_b6-12_x1   Siltron PE680 Battery (Replacement)
str-PE6V8_b6-12_x1   Siltron PE6V8 Battery (Replacement)
str-PEA6V8_b6-12_x1   Siltron PEA6V8 Battery (Replacement)
str-SN640_B6-4.5_x1   Siltron SN640 Battery (Replacement)
str-SN680_b6-12_x1   Siltron SN680 Battery (Replacement)
str-SPC19_b6-12_x1   Siltron SPC19 Battery (Replacement)
str-SQE6_B6-4.5_x1   Siltron SQE6 Battery (Replacement)
UP160_BAL3000   Siltron UP160 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
UP40_BAL500   Siltron UP40 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
UP80_BAL700   Siltron UP80 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
UP80-2_BAL1400   Siltron UP80-2 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
str-WB68_b6-12_x1   Siltron WB68 Battery (Replacement)
str-WXET_B6-4.5_x1   Siltron WXET Battery (Replacement)
6600012_CUSTOM-43_X1   Simkar 6600012 Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
BL93NC487_CUSTOM-43_X1   Simkar BL93NC487 Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
EB100_BAL500   Simkar EB100 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
EB30_BAL3000   Simkar EB30 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
EB50_BAL1400   Simkar EB50 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
EB60_BAL700   Simkar EB60 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
EB94C-2_BAL650C-2   Simkar EB94C-2 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
EB94C-4_BAL650C-4   Simkar EB94C-4 Emergency Ballast Pack (Replacement)
salm-112-046_UPS12-18_x1   Simplex Alarm 112-046 Battery (Replacement)
salm-112047_B12-35_x1   Simplex Alarm 112047 Battery (Replacement)
salm-12V18_UPS12-18_x1   Simplex Alarm 12V18 Battery (Replacement)
sa-12V18AHRETROFIT_UPS12-18_x1   Simplex Alarm 12V18AH RETROFIT Battery (Replacement)
salm-2001307212VOLT_b6-12_x2   Simplex Alarm 20013072 12VOLT Batteries (Replacement)
salm-200130726VOLT_b6-12_x1   Simplex Alarm 20013072 6VOLT Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819272_UPS12-7_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819272 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819274_UPS12-12_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819274 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819275_UPS12-18_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819275 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819276_B12-35_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819276 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819287_b12-28hit_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819287 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819288_UPS12-7_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819288 Battery (Replacement)
salm-20819296_b12-28hit_x1   Simplex Alarm 20819296 Battery (Replacement)
salm-2350_UPS12-7_x1   Simplex Alarm 2350 Battery (Replacement)
salm-4002_UPS12-7_x1   Simplex Alarm 4002 Battery (Replacement)
salm-4208A_B12-35_x1   Simplex Alarm 4208A Battery (Replacement)
salm-429115_B12-35_x1   Simplex Alarm 429115 Battery (Replacement)
salm-92680_UPS12-18_x1   Simplex Alarm 92680 Battery (Replacement)
salm-STR112053_B12-35_x1   Simplex Alarm STR112053 Battery (Replacement)
salm-STR112112_UPS12-7_x1   Simplex Alarm STR112112 Battery (Replacement)
salm-STR112113_UPS12-12_x1   Simplex Alarm STR112113 Battery (Replacement)
SI-8-25SE_B12-35_x1   Simplicity 8/25SE Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor14H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 14H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor14HV_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 14HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor15G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 15G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor15H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 15H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor16HV_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 16HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Broadmoor18H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Broadmoor 18H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet11G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 11G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet12G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 12G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet12H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 12H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet13H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 13H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet14H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 14H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Coronet9G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Coronet 9G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Express14.5G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Express 14.5G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Express15.5H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Express 15.5H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Express17H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Express 17H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Landlord16G_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Landlord 16G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Landlord16H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Landlord 16H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Landlord17H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Landlord 17H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SI-Landlord18H_B12-35_x1   Simplicity Landlord 18H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)

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