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Get a Quote - The Best Place for High Quality SLA Batteries sells a full line of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, UPS Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries and other types of Replacement Batteries at excellent prices. We strive to deliver the best quality and factory fresh batteries for you and your business.

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  • 12 volts 126 amperes Odyssey PC2250 Dry Cell SLA BatteryOdyssey PC2250
    Dry Cell SLA Battery

    Regular Price: $756.25
    SALE Price: $699.99

    This is a dry cell battery with AGM technology that guarantees an excellent performance in marine, auto/LTV, commercial, racing and powersports applications.
  • 12 volts 12 amperes SLA BatteryYuasa NP12-12 Battery (Replacement)
    Regular Price: $35.00
    SALE Price: $19.99

    This is a brand new Yuasa NP12-12 SLA replacement battery, that meets or exceeds the OEM battery specifications.
  • APC RBC43 replacement Batteries8 UPS Batteries
    12V 5.5AH

    Regular Price:
    SALE Price: $92.99 + Shipping Included!
    The brand new APC RBC43 replacement battery set includes 8 batteries 12V 5.5AH. These batteries are specifically designed for high rate UPS discharge applications.
  • ELB06042Lithonia ELB06042
    Battery (Replacement)

    Regular Price: $9.90
    SALE Price: $3.99

    We guarantee the best price and 100% compatibility with your Lithonia ELB06042 model.

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2 has a wide range of replacement SLA batteries. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department. We constantly add new replacement batteries and inventory to our website, so check back often.