Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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UTX14AHL_M12-12-210L-D   Adventure Power UTX14AHL Battery (Replacement)
UTX14L_M12-12-200-HD   Adventure Power UTX14L Battery (Replacement)
UTX16_M12-14-230-D   Adventure Power UTX16 Battery (Replacement)
UTX16-1_M12-14-230-A   Adventure Power UTX16-1 Battery (Replacement)
UTX20_M12-19-270-HD   Adventure Power UTX20 Battery (Replacement)
UTX24HL_M12-21-350-D   Adventure Power UTX24HL Battery (Replacement)
UTX7A_M12-6-90-D   Adventure Power UTX7A Battery (Replacement)
UTX7L_M12-6-85-D   Adventure Power UTX7L Battery (Replacement)
UTX9_M12-8-120-D   Adventure Power UTX9 Battery (Replacement)
UTZ10S_M12-8.6-190-K   Adventure Power UTZ10S Battery (Replacement)
UTZ12S_M12-11-210-K   Adventure Power UTZ12S Battery (Replacement)
UTZ14S_M12-11.2-230-K   Adventure Power UTZ14S Battery (Replacement)
UTZ7S_M12-6-130-D   Adventure Power UTZ7S Battery (Replacement)
CobraCX100_m12-3-50-d   Aeon (Benzai) 100CC Cobra/CX-Sport, All Years Battery
CobraCX50_m12-3-50-d   Aeon (Benzai) 50CC Cobra/CX-Sport, All Years Battery
CobraCX90_m12-3-50-d   Aeon (Benzai) 90CC Cobra/CX-Sport, All Years Battery
CobraSprt100_M12-3-50-D   Aeon 100CC Cobra/CX-Sport 100 Battery Replacement
CobraSprt50_M12-3-50-D   Aeon 50CC Cobra/CX-Sport 50 Battery Replacement
CobraSprt90_M12-3-50-D   Aeon 90CC Cobra/CX-Sport 90 Battery Replacement
8850Port-A-Vac_B12-3_x1   Aequitron Medical 8850 Port-A-Vac Medical Battery
Care-E-VacIIPorTSU_B12-3_x1   Aequitron Medical Care-E-Vac II Portable Suction Unit Medical Battery
Care-ETSUnit_B12-5_x1   Aequitron Medical Care-E-Vac III Portable Suction Unit Medical Battery
MCR911DMS_B12-7_x2   Aequitron Medical MCR911D Muscle Stimulator Medical Battery Set
Tote-L-VacPorTSUnit_B12-3_x1   Aequitron Medical Tote-L-Vac Portable Suction Unit Medical Battery
AA-1316H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1316H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1614H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1614H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1614HV_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1614HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1615G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1615G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1615H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1615H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1616H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1616H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1618H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1618H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1716G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1716G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1716H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1716H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1717H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1717H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1718H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1718H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1720H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1720H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-1723H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 1723H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-409G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 409G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-411G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 411G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-412G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 412G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-412H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 412H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-413H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 413H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-414H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 414H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-512G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 512G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-512H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 512H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-514G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 514G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-514H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 514H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-515H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 515H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-516G_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 516G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-516H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 516H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-517H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis 517H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-ZT14H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis ZT14H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-ZT16H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis ZT16H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
AA-ZT18H_B12-35_x1   Agco Allis ZT18H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
6FM200H_B12-200   AIMS Power 6FM200H Battery (Replacement)
200TV_B12-1.2_x1   Air Shields Medical 200 Transport Ventilator Medical Battery
77TIncubator_B12-40_x1   Air Shields Medical 77 Transport Incubator Medical Battery
AIRC300DTI_B12-26F2_x2   Air Shields Medical C100, C200, C300 Double Transport Incubator Medical Battery Set
CardiacM_B8-3.2_x1   Air Shields Medical Cardiac Monitor Medical Battery
GT-67-1V_B12-18_x1   Air Shields Medical GT-67-1 Ventilator Medical Battery
HRRM71-2HRRM_B6-3_x2   Air Shields Medical HRRM 71-1, 71-2 Heart Rate and Respiratory Monitor Medical Battery Set
N-10/N15WWScale_B12-2.3_x1   Air Shields Medical N-10, N15 Warm Weight Infant Scale Medical Battery
OxycareM_B6-1.2_x2   Air Shields Medical Oxycare Oxygen Monitor Medical Battery Set
TI-13EP_B6-12_x1   Air Shields Medical TI-13 Energy Pack Medical Battery
TI-1303TI_B6-12_x1   Air Shields Medical TI-1303 Transport Incubator Medical Battery
TI-500GTI_B12-26_x2   Air Shields Medical TI-500 Globetrotter Transport Incubator Medical Battery Set
AIRTI167T_B12-26F2_x2   Air Shields Medical TI-58, TI67, TI100, TI101, TI-158, TI167 Transport Medical Battery Set
185AInfantIsolette_B12-26_x1   Airborne Life Support Systems 185A Infant Isolette Medical Battery
InfantTIncub20H_B12-26_x1   Airborne Life Support Systems Infant Transport Incubator 20H Medical Battery
InfantTIncub20L_B12-12_x1   Airborne Life Support Systems Infant Transport Incubator 20L Medical Battery
NeoTLifeS_B12-26F2_x1   Airborne Life Support Systems Neonatal Transport Life Support Medical Battery
VoyagerTInc_B12-26_x1   Airborne Life Support Systems Voyager Transport Incubator Medical Battery
SOL-D100S_B12-100_X1   AJC AGM - VRLA Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 100AmpH (Replacement)
SOL-D35S_B12-35_X1   AJC AGM - VRLA Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 35AmpH (Replacement)
SOL-D55S_B12-55_X1   AJC AGM - VRLA Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 55AmpH (Replacement)
SOL-D75S_B12-75_X1   AJC AGM - VRLA Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 75AmpH (Replacement)
SOL-D75S_B12-75IT_X1   AJC AGM - VRLA Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 75AmpH (Replacement)
C1.2S_B6-1.2   AJC C1.2S Battery (Replacement)
C1.3S_B6-1.2   AJC C1.3S Battery (Replacement)
C10S_B6-12   AJC C10S Battery (Replacement)
C12S_UPS6-12   AJC C12S F2 Battery (Replacement)
C4.5S_B6-4.5   AJC C4.5S Battery (Replacement)
C42S_B6-36f2   AJC C42S F2 Battery (Replacement)
C42S_B6-36NB   AJC C42S NB Battery (Replacement)
C5S_B6-4.5   AJC C5S Battery (Replacement)
C7S_B6-7   AJC C7S Battery (Replacement)
C8S_B6-8.5   AJC C8S Battery (Replacement)
D1.2S_B12-1.2   AJC D1.2S Battery (Replacement)
D100S_B12-100IT   AJC D100S IT Battery (Replacement)
D100S_B12-100   AJC D100S NB Battery (Replacement)
D10S_B12-12   AJC D10S (12V 12AH Version) Battery (Replacement)
D12S_B12-12   AJC D12S Battery (Replacement)
D14S_B12-15   AJC D14S Battery (Replacement)
D18SHR_UPS12-18   AJC D18S (High-Rate Version) Battery (Replacement)
D18S_b12-18f2   AJC D18S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D18S_B12-18   AJC D18S NB Battery (Replacement)
D24S_B12-26f2   AJC D24S F2 (12V 26AH) Battery (Replacement)
D24S_B12-26   AJC D24S NB (12V 26AH) Battery (Replacement)
D26S_B12-26F2   AJC D26S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D26S_B12-26   AJC D26S NB Battery (Replacement)
D3.4S_B12-3   AJC D3.4S F1 Battery (Replacement)
D3.4S_UPS12-3.5   AJC D3.4S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D33S_B12-35IT   AJC D33S IT Battery (Replacement)
D33S_B12-35   AJC D33S NB Battery (Replacement)
D35S_B12-35IT   AJC D35S IT Battery (Replacement)
D35S_B12-35   AJC D35S NB Battery (Replacement)
D4.5S_UPS12-5.5   AJC D4.5S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D4S_B12-5   AJC D4S F1 Battery (Replacement)
D55S_B12-55IT   AJC D55S IT Battery (Replacement)
D55S_B12-55   AJC D55S NB Battery (Replacement)
D5S_B12-5   AJC D5S F1 Battery (Replacement)
D5S_UPS12-5.5   AJC D5S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D7.2S_B12-7   AJC D7.2S F1 Battery (Replacement)
D75S_B12-75IT   AJC D75S IT Battery (Replacement)
D75S_B12-75   AJC D75S NB Battery (Replacement)
D7S_B12-7   AJC D7S - F1 Battery (Replacement)
D7S_UPS12-7   AJC D7S - F2 Battery (Replacement)
D8S_UPS12-7   AJC D8S F2 Battery (Replacement)
D9S_UP12-9   AJC D9S F2 Battery (Replacement)
MPS1233_B12-35   AJC MPS1233 NB Battery (Replacement)
2011IntellP_B6-4.5_x1   ALARIS Medical Systems 2011 Intell Pump Medical Battery
4415VitalSignsM_B6-4.5_x1   ALARIS Medical Systems 4410, 4415 Vital Signs Monitor Medical Battery
522IntellP_B6-4.5_x1   ALARIS Medical Systems 522 Intell Pump Medical Battery
RBAT4_B12-5_x1   Alarm Lock RBAT4 Alarm Battery
RBAT6_B12-7_x1   Alarm Lock RBAT6 Alarm Battery
7845C_B12-0.8_x1   Alarmnet 7845C Alarm Battery
90315_B12-3   Alexander 90315 Battery (Replacement)
B825_B12-2.3   Alexander B825 Battery (Replacement)
G1212_B12-1.2   Alexander G1212 Battery (Replacement)
G1217034_B12-18   Alexander G1217034 Battery (Replacement)
G1217034-F2_B12-18F2   Alexander G1217034-F2 Battery (Replacement)
G1219_B12-2.3   Alexander G1219 Battery (Replacement)
G1220_B12-2.3   Alexander G1220 Battery (Replacement)
G12260_B12-26   Alexander G12260 Battery (Replacement)
G1226034_B12-26   Alexander G1226034 Battery (Replacement)
G1230_B12-3   Alexander G1230 Battery (Replacement)
G12330_B12-35   Alexander G12330 Battery (Replacement)
G1240_B12-5   Alexander G1240 Battery (Replacement)
G1270_B12-7   Alexander G1270 Battery (Replacement)
G610_B6-1   Alexander G610 Battery (Replacement)
G6100_B12-26   Alexander G6100 Battery (Replacement)
G612_B6-1.2   Alexander G612 Battery (Replacement)
G6120_B6-12   Alexander G6120 Battery (Replacement)
G6200_B12-26   Alexander G6200 Battery (Replacement)
G630_B6-3   Alexander G630 Battery (Replacement)
G640_B6-4.5   Alexander G640 Battery (Replacement)
G64016_B6-4.5   Alexander G64016 Battery (Replacement)
G670_B12-7   Alexander G670 Battery (Replacement)
GB1212_B12-1.2   Alexander GB1212 Battery (Replacement)
GB1219_B12-2.3   Alexander GB1219 Battery (Replacement)
GB12240_B12-26   Alexander GB12240 Battery (Replacement)
GB1226_B12-3   Alexander GB1226 Battery (Replacement)
GB1245_B12-7   Alexander GB1245 Battery (Replacement)
GB1270_B12-7   Alexander GB1270 Battery (Replacement)
GB610_B6-1   Alexander GB610 Battery (Replacement)
GB6100_B6-12   Alexander GB6100 Battery (Replacement)
GB6120_B6-14   Alexander GB6120 Battery (Replacement)
GB626_B6-3   Alexander GB626 Battery (Replacement)
GB665_B6-7   Alexander GB665 Battery (Replacement)
GB670_B6-7   Alexander GB670 Battery (Replacement)
GB682_B6-8.5   Alexander GB682 Battery (Replacement)
GP12240_B12-26   Alexander GP12240 Battery (Replacement)
MB5064_B6-3   Alexander MB5064 Battery (Replacement)
MB5303_B6-3.5   Alexander MB5303 Battery (Replacement)
MB5338_B6-3.5   Alexander MB5338 Battery (Replacement)
MB5384_B12-3   Alexander MB5384 Battery (Replacement)
MB5424_B12-26   Alexander MB5424 Battery (Replacement)
MB5515_B12-2.3   Alexander MB5515 Battery (Replacement)
MB5541_B4-4.5   Alexander MB5541 Battery (Replacement)
MB5549_B12-7   Alexander MB5549 Battery (Replacement)
MS4AAPW_B6-7   Alexander MS4AAPW Battery (Replacement)
MS521_B6-12   Alexander MS521 Battery (Replacement)
PS1270_B12-7   Alexander PS1270 Battery (Replacement)
EJW-NICAD_CUSTOM-145-18_X1   All Fit EJW-NICAD Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
135PorTSUnit_B12-12_x1   Allied Healthcare Products 135 Portable Suction Unit Medical Battery
138SVacPorTDCA_B12-7_x2   Allied Healthcare Products 138 Schuco-Vac Portable DC Aspirator Medical Battery Set
160ASUnit_B6-12_x2   Allied Healthcare Products 160A Suction Unit Medical Battery Set
G180SUnit_B12-5_x1   Allied Healthcare Products G180 Suction Unit Medical Battery
S178SUnit_B12-5_x1   Allied Healthcare Products S178 Suction Unit Medical Battery
GH2HDFixedCH_B12-5_x2   Alpha Modalities GH2HD Fixed Ceiling Hoist Medical Battery Set
Atech1000_UPS12-7_x3   Alpha Technologies 1000 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Atech1500_UPS12-18_x4   Alpha Technologies 1500 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Atech2000_UPS6-12_x4   Alpha Technologies 2000 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Atech2200_UPS12-18_x4   Alpha Technologies 2200 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Atech600_UPS12-18_x2   Alpha Technologies 600 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALI1250_UPS12-7_x1   Alpha Technologies ALI 1250 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ALI2400_UPS12-7_x1   Alpha Technologies ALI 2400 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ALI450_UPS12-5.5_x1   Alpha Technologies ALI 450 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ALI800_UPS12-7_x1   Alpha Technologies ALI 800 UPS Battery (Replacement)
ALIElt1000RM_UPS12-7_x2   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1000RM UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1000T_UPS12-7_x2   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1000T UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1000TXL_UPS12-7_x4   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1000TXL UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1000XL-RM_UPS12-7_x4   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1000XL-RM UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1500RM_UPS12-7_x3   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1500RM UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1500T_UPS12-7_x3   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1500T UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1500TXL_UPS12-18_x3   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1500TXL UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt1500XL-RM_UPS12-7_x3   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 1500XL-RM UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt2000RM_UPS12-7_x4   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 2000RM UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt2000T_UPS12-7_x4   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 2000T UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
ALIElt2000TXL_UPS12-18_x4   Alpha Technologies ALI Elite 2000TXL UPS Battery Set (Replacement)

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