Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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KB-2512H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2512H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2514G_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2514G Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2514H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2514H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2515H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2515H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2517H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2517H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2614H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2614H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2615H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2615H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2616C_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2616C Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2616H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2616H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2618H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2618H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2717H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2717H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2718H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2718H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-2720H_B12-35_x1   Kubota 2720H Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B4200_b12-35_X1   Kubota B4200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B5100_b12-35_X1   Kubota B5100 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B5200_b12-35_X1   Kubota B5200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B6100_b12-35_X1   Kubota B6100 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B620_b12-35_X1   Kubota B620 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
B7100_b12-35_X1   Kubota B7100 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-BX1800_B12-35_x1   Kubota BX 1800 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-G2160_B12-35_x1   Kubota G2160 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-G2460_B12-35_x1   Kubota G2460 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
G3200_b12-35_X1   Kubota G3200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
G4200_b12-35_X1   Kubota G4200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
G5200_b12-35_X1   Kubota G5200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
G6200_b12-35_X1   Kubota G6200 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M1230_B12-35_x1   Kubota M1230 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M1230BEIC_B12-35_x1   Kubota M1230BEIC Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M1230BEICHP_B12-35_x1   Kubota M1230BEICHP Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M30BEIC_B12-35_x1   Kubota M30 BEIC Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M830_B12-35_x1   Kubota M830 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M830B_B12-35_x1   Kubota M830B Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M830BEIC_B12-35_x1   Kubota M830BEIC Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M830BEICHP_B12-35_x1   Kubota M830BEICHP Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-M830BHP_B12-35_x1   Kubota M830BHP Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
PX2100_b12-35_X1   Kubota PX2100 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-T1400_B12-35_x1   Kubota T1400 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-T1460_B12-35_x1   Kubota T1460 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-T1460TRACTOR_B12-35_x1   Kubota T1460 TRACTOR Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-T1500_B12-35_x1   Kubota T1500 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-T1560_B12-35_x1   Kubota T1560 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
KB-Z3014BVG_B12-35_x1   Kubota Z3014 BVG Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
U1-34H_B12-35   Kung Long U1-34H Battery (Replacement)
U1-34HE_B12-35   Kung Long U1-34HE Battery (Replacement)
U1-36E_B12-35   Kung Long U1-36E Battery (Replacement)
U1-36NE_B12-35   Kung Long U1-36NE Battery (Replacement)
U1-36RNE_B12-35   Kung Long U1-36RNE Battery (Replacement)
WP0.7-12_B12-0.8   Kung Long WP0.7-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP0.7-12S_B12-0.8   Kung Long WP0.7-12S Battery (Replacement)
WP0.7-12WL_B12-0.8   Kung Long WP0.7-12WL Battery (Replacement)
WP1-2_B2-6   Kung Long WP1-2 Battery (Replacement)
WP1-6_B6-1   Kung Long WP1-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP1.2-12_B12-1.2   Kung Long WP1.2-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP1.2-6_B6-1.2   Kung Long WP1.2-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP1.5-12_B12-1.2   Kung Long WP1.5-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP1.5-6_B6-1.2   Kung Long WP1.5-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP1.9-12_B12-2.3   Kung Long WP1.9-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP10-12SE_B12-10   Kung Long WP10-12SE Battery (Replacement)
WP10-4_B4-10   Kung Long WP10-4 Battery (Replacement)
WP10-6_B6-12   Kung Long WP10-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP100-12NE_B12-100   Kung Long WP100-12NE Battery (Replacement)
WP12-12E_B12-12   Kung Long WP12-12E Battery (Replacement)
WP12-6S_B6-12   Kung Long WP12-6S Battery (Replacement)
WP1236W_UPS12-9   Kung Long WP1236W Battery (Replacement)
WP1236W-Version_UPS12-7   Kung Long WP1236W Battery (Replacement) - 12V 7.5AH Version
WP14-12E_B12-15   Kung Long WP14-12E Battery (Replacement)
WP17-12I_B12-18   Kung Long WP17-12I Battery (Replacement)
WP18-12_B12-18   Kung Long WP18-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP2.3-12_B12-2.3   Kung Long WP2.3-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP2.6-12_B12-2.3   Kung Long WP2.6-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP2.8-12_B12-2.8   Kung Long WP2.8-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP2.8-6_B6-2.8   Kung Long WP2.8-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP2.8-6P_B6-2.8   Kung Long WP2.8-6P Battery (Replacement)
WP2.8-6R_B6-2.8   Kung Long WP2.8-6R Battery (Replacement)
WP2.8-6T_B6-2.8   Kung Long WP2.8-6T Battery (Replacement)
WP2.9-12T_B12-2.7   Kung Long WP2.9-12T Battery (Replacement)
WP20-12_B12-22   Kung Long WP20-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP20-6_B6-20   Kung Long WP20-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP22-12_B12-22   Kung Long WP22-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP22-12E_B12-22   Kung Long WP22-12E Battery (Replacement)
WP22-12NE_B12-22   Kung Long WP22-12NE Battery (Replacement)
WP22-12RNE_B12-22   Kung Long WP22-12RNE Battery (Replacement)
WP26-12_B12-26   Kung Long WP26-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP26-12T_B12-28H   Kung Long WP26-12T Battery (Replacement)
WP28-12_B12-26   Kung Long WP28-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP28-12NE_B12-26   Kung Long WP28-12NE Battery (Replacement)
WP3-12_B12-3   Kung Long WP3-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP3-12R_B12-3   Kung Long WP3-12R Battery (Replacement)
WP3-6_B6-3   Kung Long WP3-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP3.8-6_B6-3.5   Kung Long WP3.8-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP3.8-6P_B6-3.5   Kung Long WP3.8-6P Battery (Replacement)
WP30-12T_B12-28H   Kung Long WP30-12T Battery (Replacement)
WP30-12TNE_B12-28H   Kung Long WP30-12TNE Battery (Replacement)
WP4-12_B12-5   Kung Long WP4-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP4-6_B6-4.5   Kung Long WP4-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP4-6V0_B6-4.5   Kung Long WP4-6V0 Battery (Replacement)
WP4.5-12_B12-5   Kung Long WP4.5-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP4.5-4_B4-4.5   Kung Long WP4.5-4 Battery (Replacement)
WP4.5-6_B6-4.5   Kung Long WP4.5-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP4.5-6W_B6-4.5   Kung Long WP4.5-6W Battery (Replacement)
WP4.5-6WL_B6-4.5WL   Kung Long WP4.5-6WL Battery (Replacement)
WP5-12_B12-5   Kung Long WP5-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP5-12E_B12-5   Kung Long WP5-12E Battery (Replacement)
WP5-6_B6-5LF1   Kung Long WP5-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP5-6S_B6-5ST   Kung Long WP5-6S Battery (Replacement)
WP7-12_B12-7   Kung Long WP7-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP7-6_B6-7   Kung Long WP7-6 Battery (Replacement)
WP7-6A_B6-8.5   Kung Long WP7-6A Battery (Replacement)
WP7.2-12_B12-7   Kung Long WP7.2-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP8-12_B12-7   Kung Long WP8-12 Battery (Replacement)
WP8-12E_UPS12-9   Kung Long WP8-12E Battery (Replacement)
WP8-6S_B6-7   Kung Long WP8-6S Battery (Replacement)
WP9-4_B4-9   Kung Long WP9-4 Battery (Replacement)
WP9-6A_B6-8.5   Kung Long WP9-6A Battery (Replacement)
agility125_m12-6-90-d   Kymco 105 Agility 125, 2011-2012 Battery Replacement
MXU150_m12-8-120-d   Kymco 150CC MXU150, All Years Battery
Super8150_M12-6-90-D   Kymco 150CC Super 8 150, 2009-2012 Battery Replacement
PeopleS200_M12-6-90-D   Kymco 200CC People S 200, 2011 Battery Replacement
Mongoose-MXU-AllY_M12-10-180-D   Kymco 250CC Mongoose, MXU, All Years Battery
MXU250_m12-10-180-d   Kymco 250CC Mongoose, MXU250, All Years Battery
People250_M12-10-180-D   Kymco 250CC People 250, 2009-2011 Battery Replacement
Venox250_M12-8-120-D   Kymco 250CC Venox 250, 2009-2010 Battery Replacement
Xciting250i_M12-10-180-D   Kymco 250CC Xciting 250i, 2010-2011 Battery Replacement
Mongoose300_m12-10-180-d   Kymco 300CC Mongoose 300, 2010 Battery
MXU300SD_m12-10-180-d   Kymco 300CC MXU300SD, All Years Battery
Xciting400i_M12-10-180-D   Kymco 400CC Xciting 400i, 2009 Battery Replacement
MXU500_m12-19-270l-hd   Kymco 500CC MXU500, 2010 Battery
Xciting500i_M12-12-200-D   Kymco 500CC Xciting 500i, 2009-2012 Battery Replacement
Agility50v1_M12-6-90-D   Kymco 50CC Agility 50 105 CCA, 2009-2012 Battery Replacement
Agility50v2_M12-4-70-D   Kymco 50CC Agility 50 80 CCA, 2009-2012 Battery Replacement
Mongoose50_m12-4-70-d   Kymco 50CC Mongoose 50, All Years Battery
peoples50_m12-6-90-d_x1   Kymco 50CC People S 50, 2009-2010 Battery (Replacement)
Super8_M12-6-90-D   Kymco 50CC Super 8, 2009-2012 Battery Replacement
Super9_M12-4-70-D   Kymco 50CC Super 9, 2009-2010 Battery Replacement
8089L_m12-4-70-d   Kymco 72CC 8089L, 2005-2006 Battery
Mongoose90_m12-4-70-d   Kymco 90CC Mongoose 90, All Years Battery
kyocera_b12-100   KYOCERA PV Solar Panles Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 100AmpH (Replacement)
J3000PM_B6-4.5_x1   Ladd Steritak J3000 Pressure Monitor Medical Battery
J7000PM_B6-1.2_x1   Ladd Steritak J7000 Pressure Monitor Medical Battery
770000PSU_B6-3_x1   Laerdal Medical 770000 Premier Suction Unit Medical Battery
780020SU_B12-2.3PC_x1   Laerdal Medical 780000, 780010, 780020 Suction Unit Medical Battery
880005SU_B12-1.2_x1   Laerdal Medical 880001, 880005 Suction Unit Medical Battery
HAid1000_B12-1.2_x1   Laerdal Medical Heart Aid 1000 Medical Battery
HAid95_B12-7_x1   Laerdal Medical Heart Aid 95 Medical Battery
HStart1000T_B12-7_x1   Laerdal Medical Heart Start 1000 Training Medical Battery
HStart4000D_B12-2.3PC_x1   Laerdal Medical Heart Start 2000, 3000, 4000 Defibrillator Medical Battery
HStart911_B12-2.3PC_x1   Laerdal Medical Heart Start 911 Medical Battery
PaceAid53_B12-1.2_x1   Laerdal Medical Pace Aid 53 Medical Battery
136-265_B12-75   Lakematic All Models Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
Languard505_UPS6-12_x1   LANGUARD 505 UPS Battery (Replacement)
Languard600_UPS12-7_x2   LANGUARD 600 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Languard675_UPS12-7_x1   LANGUARD 675 UPS Battery (Replacement)
Lark3_B12-26_x2   Lark of America Lark 3 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
Lark4Plus_B12-35_x2   Lark of America Lark 4 Plus Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
Lark6500_B12-35_x2   Lark of America Lark 6500 Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
Travelark_B12-35_x2   Lark of America Travelark Wheelchair Batteries (Replacement)
P50NMultiPM_B12-1.2_x1   Larsen & Toubro Planet 50N MultiParameter Monitor Medical Battery
24v400watt_B12-10_x2   Lashout 24v 400 watt Electric Scooter Battery Set
9303E_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9303E Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9325ES_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9325ES Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9328E_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9328E Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9328ES_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9328ES Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9329ES_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9329ES Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9365ES_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9365ES Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9368E_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9368E Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
9368ES_b12-35_X1   Lawn Boy 9368ES Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
LdmnLU-650A_B6-4.5_x1   Leadman LU-650A UPS Battery (Replacement)
LdmnLU1000A_UPS12-5.5_x2   Leadman LU1000A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
LdmnLU550_UPS12-5.5_x2   Leadman LU550 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
LdmnUPS300_UPS12-7_x2   Leadman UPS 300 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
LdmnUPS500_UPS12-7_x2   Leadman UPS 500 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
LdmnUPS_UPS12-7_x1   Leadman UPS UPS Battery (Replacement)
LL-AGM1234T_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift AGM1234T Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-Eclipse_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Eclipse Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-JuniorPremier_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Junior Premier Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
146-747_B12-35   Leisure Lift Leisure Lift U1 Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
PaceSaver_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Pace Saver Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-Passport_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Passport Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
146-746_B12-26   Leisure Lift Pediatric Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-PlusIII_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Plus III Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
M1-M1PBR-M2_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Scout M Series M1 - M1 PBR - M2 Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-RF-NP_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Scout Midi-Drive (RF - NP) Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
LL-RF4_B12-55_x1   Leisure Lift Scout Midi-Drive (RF4) Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
Viva_B12-35_x1   Leisure Lift Viva Wheelchair Battery (Replacement)
DJM12100(H)_B12-100   Leoch Battery DJM12100(H) Battery (Replacement)
DJM1238_B12-40   Leoch Battery DJM1238 Battery (Replacement)
DJM1255_B12-55   Leoch Battery DJM1255 Battery (Replacement)
DJM1275(H)_B12-75   Leoch Battery DJM1275(H) Battery (Replacement)
DJM1290(H)_B12-100   Leoch Battery DJM1290(H) Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-0.8_B12-0.8   Leoch Battery DJW12-0.8 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-1.2_B12-1.2   Leoch Battery DJW12-1.2 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-1.5_B12-1.2   Leoch Battery DJW12-1.5 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-10(H)_B12-10   Leoch Battery DJW12-10(H) Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-12_B12-12   Leoch Battery DJW12-12 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-18_B12-18   Leoch Battery DJW12-18 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-2.0C1_B12-2PS   Leoch Battery DJW12-2.0C1 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-2.0NP_B12-2T   Leoch Battery DJW12-2.0NP Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-2.1_B12-2.3   Leoch Battery DJW12-2.1 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-2.3_B12-2.3   Leoch Battery DJW12-2.3 Battery (Replacement)
DJW12-2.3C_B12-2.3PC   Leoch Battery DJW12-2.3C Battery (Replacement)

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