Index of Products for which we sell replacement batteries
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RT12200H_UPS12-18   Ritar RT12200H Battery (Replacement)
RT12220H_B12-22   Ritar RT12220H Battery (Replacement)
RT1223_B12-2.3   Ritar RT1223 Battery (Replacement)
RT1223E_B12-2.3   Ritar RT1223E Battery (Replacement)
RT12240H_B12-26   Ritar RT12240H Battery (Replacement)
RT12260_B12-26   Ritar RT12260 Battery (Replacement)
RT12260H_B12-26   Ritar RT12260H Battery (Replacement)
RT12280_B12-26   Ritar RT12280 Battery (Replacement)
RT12280S_B12-28H   Ritar RT12280S Battery (Replacement)
RT1232_B12-3   Ritar RT1232 Battery (Replacement)
RT1245_B12-5   Ritar RT1245 Battery (Replacement)
RT1245-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1245-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1245H_B12-5   Ritar RT1245H Battery (Replacement)
RT1245H-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1245H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1250_B12-5   Ritar RT1250 Battery (Replacement)
RT1250-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1250-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1250H_B12-5   Ritar RT1250H Battery (Replacement)
RT1250H-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1250H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1255_B12-5   Ritar RT1255 Battery (Replacement)
RT1255-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1255-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1255H_B12-5   Ritar RT1255H Battery (Replacement)
RT1255H-F2_UPS12-5.5   Ritar RT1255H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1270E_B12-7   Ritar RT1270E Battery (Replacement)
RT1270E-F2_UPS12-7   Ritar RT1270E-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1270H_B12-7   Ritar RT1270H Battery (Replacement)
RT1270H-F2_UPS12-7   Ritar RT1270H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1272_B12-7   Ritar RT1272 Battery (Replacement)
RT1272-F2_UPS12-7   Ritar RT1272-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1280-F2_UPS12-9   Ritar RT1280-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1280H-F2_UPS12-9   Ritar RT1280H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1290-F2_UPS12-9   Ritar RT1290-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1290-F2-Version_UPS12-7   Ritar RT1290-F2 Battery (Replacement) - 12V 7.5AH Version
RT1290H-F2_UPS12-9   Ritar RT1290H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT1295_UPS12-9_x1   Ritar RT1295 12 Volt 9Amp Hout Battery (Replacement)
RT6100_B6-12   Ritar RT6100 Battery (Replacement)
RT6100-F2_UPS6-12   Ritar RT6100-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT6120_B6-12   Ritar RT6120 Battery (Replacement)
RT6120-F2_UPS6-12   Ritar RT6120-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT613_B6-1.2   Ritar RT613 Battery (Replacement)
RT628_B6-2.8   Ritar RT628 Battery (Replacement)
RT632_B6-3   Ritar RT632 Battery (Replacement)
RT645_B6-4.5   Ritar RT645 Battery (Replacement)
RT670_B6-7   Ritar RT670 Battery (Replacement)
RT670-F2_UPS6-9   Ritar RT670-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT670H_B6-7   Ritar RT670H Battery (Replacement)
RT670H-F2_UPS6-9   Ritar RT670H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT680_B6-7   Ritar RT680 Battery (Replacement)
RT680-F2_UPS6-9   Ritar RT680-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT680H_B6-7   Ritar RT680H Battery (Replacement)
RT680H-F2_UPS6-9   Ritar RT680H-F2 Battery (Replacement)
RT690_UPS6-9   Ritar RT690 Battery (Replacement)
RA12-150F_BF12-150A_x1   Ritar Telecom RA12-150F 12V 150AH IT Telecom Battery (Replacement)
ES10-6_b6-12_x1   Rocket ES10-6 Battery (Replacement)
ES12-12_ups12-12_x1   Rocket ES12-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES15-12_b12-15_x1   Rocket ES15-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES17-12_b12-18_x1   Rocket ES17-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES24-12_b12-26_x1   Rocket ES24-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES4-12_b12-5_x1   Rocket ES4-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES7-12_b12-7_x1   Rocket ES7-12 Battery (Replacement)
ES7-12-UPS_ups12-7_x1   Rocket ES7-12 UPS Battery (Replacement)
NB200FNeb_B12-2.3_x1   Roman Labs NB200 Freedom Nebulizer Medical Battery
30-N7-3_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 30-N7-3 Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
30-NB-E_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 30-NB-E Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
492683_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 492683 Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
493071_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 493071 Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
493081_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 493081 Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
830-E_b12-35_X1   Roof MFG CO. 830-E Lawn Mower Replacement Battery
130103_b12-5_X1   Roper 130103 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
48017_b12-5_X1   Roper 48017 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
48068_b12-5_X1   Roper 48068 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
48221_b12-5_X1   Roper 48221 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
532048068_b12-5_X1   Roper 532048068 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
532048221_b12-5_X1   Roper 532048221 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
532086336_b12-5_X1   Roper 532086336 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
532750909_b12-5_X1   Roper 532750909 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
750909_b12-2.7_x1   Roper 750909 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
86336_b12-5_X1   Roper 86336 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
86372_b12-5_X1   Roper 86372 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
FlexifloIII_B6-2.8_x1   Ross Products Flexiflo III Medical Battery
FlexifloQuan_B8-3.2_x1   Ross Products Flexiflo Quantum Medical Battery
PatrolP_B6-4.5_x1   Ross Products Patrol Pump Medical Battery
EStart350cc_M12-12-210L-D   Royal Enfield 350CC Electric Start, 2000-2003 Battery Replacement
EStart500cc_M12-12-210L-D   Royal Enfield 500CC Electric Start, 2000-2003 Battery Replacement
RPS-LDT12-150FT_BF12-150A   RPS LDT12-150FT Telecom Battery (Replacement)
MedCart55AhDCP_B12-55_x1   Rubbermaid Medical Solutions Medication Cart - 55Ah DC Powered Medical Battery
RM-181626_UPS12-18_x2   Ryobi Mower 181626 Lawn Mower Batteries (Replacement)
RM-971255100_UPS12-18_x2   Ryobi Mower 971255100 Lawn Mower Batteries (Replacement)
RM-BMM2400_UPS12-18_x2   Ryobi Mower BMM2400 Lawn Mower Batteries (Replacement)
RM-BRM2400_UPS12-18_x2   Ryobi Mower BRM2400 Lawn Mower Batteries (Replacement)
RM-RIDER_UPS12-18_x2   Ryobi Mower RIDER Lawn Mower Batteries (Replacement)
RW-WeedEater182391_UPS12-9_x1   Ryobi Mower Weed Eater 182391 Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
MC-03Medc_B12-7_x1   S&S Technology MC-03 Medcart Medical Battery
PRN15Medc_B12-40_x1   S&S Technology PRN-15 Medcart Medical Battery
3030IP_B12-3_x1   Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump Medical Battery
SB-1438GS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1438GS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1438HS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1438HS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1538HS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1538HS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1542HS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1542HS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1642HS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1642HS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1646HS_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1646HS Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1842GV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1842GV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1843HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1843HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1846HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1846HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1848GV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1848GV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-1848HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 1848HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-2048HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 2048HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-2254HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 2254HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SB-2554HV_B12-35_x1   Sabre (By John Deere) 2554HV Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
Safe1200A_UPS6-12_x8   Safe 1200A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe250_UPS6-12_x2   Safe 250 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe400_UPS6-12_x4   Safe 400 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe400A_UPS6-12_x4   Safe 400A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe425_UPS6-12_x4   Safe 425 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe425A_UPS6-12_x4   Safe 425A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe500A_UPS6-12_x4   Safe 500A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
Safe650_UPS12-7_x2   Safe 650 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeA_UPS6-12_x8   Safe A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeBP48_B12-26_x4   Safe BP48 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeFES200A_UPS6-12_x4   Safe FES200A UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeSM1400_UPS6-12_x8   Safe SM1400 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeSM650_UPS12-7_x2   Safe SM650 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeSM800_UPS6-12_x4   Safe SM800 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeSPS1000_UPS6-12_x8   Safe SPS1000 UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
SafeSTS200-117_UPS6-12_x1   Safe STS200-117 UPS Battery (Replacement)
705105_naa5f   Saft 705105 Battery (Replacement)
850-0066_naa5s   Saft 850-0066 Battery (Replacement)
8500061_naa2f   Saft 8500061 Battery (Replacement)
B15AA02_naa2s   Saft B15AA02 Battery (Replacement)
SL026150_naa3s   Saft SL026150 Battery (Replacement)
E-3006_UPS12-18_x2   Salorr E-3006 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3007_ups12-12_x2   Salorr E-3007 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3008_ups12-12_x2   Salorr E-3008 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3009_ups12-12_x2   Salorr E-3009 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3013_UPS12-18_x2   Salorr E-3013 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3804_UPS12-18_x3   Salorr E-3804 Electric Scooter Battery Set
E-3900_UPS12-18_x2   Salorr E-3900 Electric Scooter Battery Set
FS-102A_ups12-9_x2   Salorr FS-102A Electric Scooter Battery Set (Replacement)
samsungpv_b12-100   SAMSUNG PV Solar Panles Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 100AmpH (Replacement)
CactFP199235_B12-1.2_x1   Sandoz Clinical Products Compact Feeding Pump 199235 Medical Battery
100502SE_CUSTOM-30_X1   Sanyo 100502SE Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
PT1200Bal_B6-1.2_x1   Sartorius PT6, PT120, PT600, PT1200 Balance Medical Battery
12AFT160_BF12-150A   SBS AFT 12AFT160 Telecom Battery (Replacement)
scadaSP12-75_b12-75   SCADA SP12-75 Solar AGM SLA Battery 12V 75AmpH (Replacement)
SP-ST-Series_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment ST-Series Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STG-Series_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STG-Series Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STH-18KH_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STH-18KH Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STH-20KH_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STH-20KH Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STHM-18KH_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STHM-18KH Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STHM-20KH_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STHM-20KH Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-STZ52-20KH_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment STZ52-20KH Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-SW-18KHE_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment SW-18KHE Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-SW-20KHE_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment SW-20KHE Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
SP-SWZ-20KHE_B12-35_x1   Scag Power Equipment SWZ-20KHE Lawn Mower Battery (Replacement)
2500BedScale_B6-1.2_x4   Scale-Tronix 2500 Bed Scale Medical Battery Set
CN-CRSFT-48_CN-CRSFT-48   Schauer Charger JAC1548H 48V with Crowsfoot Connector
CN-CLCR48_CN-CLCR48   Schauer Charger JAC1548H Club Car 48V Connector (48V 15 Amps)
CN-EZGO48RXV_CN-EZGO48RXV   Schauer Charger JAC1548H EZGO 48 Volt RXV Battery Charger
CN-EZGO36TXT_CN-EZGO36TXT   Schauer Charger JAC2036H with EZGO 36V Powerwise TXT Connector
JAC0224_CH24-2-XLR   Schauer JAC0224 Battery Charger (Replacement)
JAC0524_CH24-5-XLR   Schauer JAC0524 Battery Charger (Replacement)
JAC0724_CH24-7-XLR   Schauer JAC0724 Battery Charger (Replacement)
AT-1EKGM_B12-1.2_x1   Schiller America AT-1 EKG Machine Medical Battery
AT-10EKGM_B12-0.8_x2   Schiller America AT-10 EKG Machine Medical Battery Set
AT-2PlusEKGM_B12-2.3_x1   Schiller America AT-2 Plus EKG Machine Medical Battery
AT-6EKGM_B12-2.3_x1   Schiller America AT-6 EKG Machine Medical Battery
SP-1S_B12-1.2_x1   Schiller America SP-1 Spirometer Medical Battery
SP-10S_B12-0.8_x2   Schiller America SP-10 Spirometer Medical Battery Set
SP-200PFM_B12-2.3_x1   Schiller America SP-200 Pulmonary Function Machine Medical Battery
TU89_CUSTOM-30_X1   Schlumberger TU89 Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
Unigun_CUSTOM-30_X1   Schlumberger Unigun Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
Visual-Reader_CUSTOM-30_X1   Schlumberger Visual-Reader Ni-cad Battery (Replacement)
Schwinn4_B12-10_x2   Schwinn 4 Electric Scooter Battery Set
F18_B12-10_x2   Schwinn F18 Electric Scooter Battery Set
FlyFS_B12-10_x2   Schwinn Fly FS Electric Scooter Battery Set
Mini-E_UPS12-7_x2   Schwinn Mini-E Electric Scooter Battery Set
MissileFS_B12-10_x2   Schwinn Missile FS Electric Scooter Battery Set
MX400DrtRckt_B12-10_x2   Schwinn MX400 Dirt Rocket Electric Scooter Battery Set
NewFrontier_B12-10_x2   Schwinn New Frontier Electric Scooter Battery Set
S1502005O_B12-10_x2   Schwinn S150 (2005 & Older) Electric Scooter Battery Set
S1502006N_UPS12-5.5_x2   Schwinn S150 (2006 & Newer) Electric Scooter Battery Set
S180Batkit_B12-10_x2   Schwinn S180 Electric Scooter Battery Set
S200Batkit_UPS12-7_x2   Schwinn S200 Electric Scooter Battery Set
ScooterSPS500AT_UPS12-7_x6   Scooter SPS500AT UPS Battery Set (Replacement)
DirtDog_ups12-12_x3   ScooterX Dirt Dog Electric Scooter Battery Set
elHog_ups12-12_x3   ScooterX Electric Hog Electric Scooter Battery Set
elPKart_ups12-12_x3   ScooterX Electric Power Kart Electric Scooter Battery Set
elPrKrtGoKrt_ups12-12_x3   ScooterX Electric PowerKart Go Kart Electric Scooter Battery Set
Scor-YIX30L_M12-30-385-HD   Scorpion YIX30L Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YT12B-4_M12-10-125-K   Scorpion YT12B-4 Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YT4L-BS_M12-3-50-D   Scorpion YT4L-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YT5L-BS_M12-4-70-D   Scorpion YT5L-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YT7B-4_M12-6-85-K   Scorpion YT7B-4 Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YT9B-4_M12-8-115-K   Scorpion YT9B-4 Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX12-BS_M12-10-180-D   Scorpion YTX12-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX14-BS_M12-12-200-D   Scorpion YTX14-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX14AH-BS_M12-12-210-D   Scorpion YTX14AH-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX14AHL-BS_M12-12-210L-D   Scorpion YTX14AHL-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX15L-BS_M12-13-230-D   Scorpion YTX15L-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX16-BS_M12-14-230-D   Scorpion YTX16-BS Battery (Replacement)
Scor-YTX20L-BS_M12-19-270L-HD   Scorpion YTX20L-BS Battery (Replacement)

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